Thursday, October 1, 2015


Hello everyone! My name is Marzipan, and I'm a bit of a newbie to this whole "adult-world" thing, so I figured I'd put all my adult failures and successes and all that jazzy-jazz! So before I do any of that, I think I should do a bit of an ice-breaker, and being the writer that I like to think I am, I like to think that I am merely the main character in this story. So what better way to introduce myself than my very own character sheet!

Full name: Maeghan Alyse Dixon
Nickname(s): MarzelenAlyse(pen name), Marzipan(given by one of my friends)

Age: I am in the 1997 line, and the youngest in my family^^
How old do I look? I like to think I look 18, but apparently to some people I look either twelve or twenty-two...

Favourite colour: Blue, purple or black
Least favourite colour: Pink (I'll wear it, it's just not my favourite)
Favourite music: K-pop^^ I don't have a favourite band, but most of the groups and people I listen to are either YG (BigBang, 2NE1), JYP (GOT7, Wonder Girls), among others (BTS, VIXX, B1A4...)
Least Favourite Music: American music; it all just seems the same to me (not hating on anyone's music choice, everyone's entitled to their own opinion!^^ please don't hate me..)

Favourite food: I love sweet things! Cupcakes, cookies, and especially candy!! ^.^- Guess I really live up to my nickname, huh?

Motto: Hakuna Matata! (It means "No worries")

Hobbies: Reading, writing, watching YouTube Let's Players like Markipler, Jacksepticeye, and Daz_Games and vloggers like AmazingPhil, danisnotonfire, Leslie Wai, and Tyler Oakley.

Hometown: Little town on the East Coast^^ (that's all I'm saying because stalkers are scary...)

Well, that's all the practical stuff about me, now for ten random things:

  1. I have had only one true love interest since I started high school.
  2. I get uncomfortable with too much unwanted attention.
  3. I am currently learning Korean and brushing up on my Japanese.
  4. My dream house is a flat in Central London with my friend.
  5. A lot of people think I'm from another country because I have an accent. I was born in the States, but since I speak two different languages, I sound foreign.
  6. My favourite thing to do is sit in my bed and watch YouTubers like Markiplier or AmazingPhil/danisnotonfire.
  7. I'm a bit of an introvert.
  8. I can say my ABCs backwards in less than two seconds.
  9. My dream job is to work at some kind of radio station or to have my own podcast.
  10. I want to go to school for either social media or psychology.

Wow, as I typed all those out I realized how all over the place my interests are... Mmh...

Anyways, that's me! Hope you guys will stick around on this crazy adventure into adulthood with me!

Stay sweet everyone!

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