Friday, October 23, 2015

The Favourites!

So before I start, I'd like to say, that my honorary sweetie of the week is...*drumroll please.....*


 A proud, nerdy soccer mom, Susie Homemaker, and textile geek who enjoys a good Nutrageous bar.

Now, onto my randomness! *here we go!*

Um, to be totally honest, I wasn't really prepared for a blurb today, so I'm gonna tell you some of my favourite things. Kinda like the Sound of Music, but without Julie Andrews singing to you... somehow, this just got less interesting..Anyways, let's do this!

1.)Favourite colour
To be honest, I actually don't really have a favourite colour, but I do like bright colours paired with dark ones, like light blue and purple. Sometimes, I like to pair pastels like pastel blue and pastel pink because they remind me of candy^^

2.)Favourite flower
My favourite flower is the Water Lily, which in the language of flowers signifies purity and majesty and I think it's just a beautiful thing! A water Lily is also a July flower, so it makes sense that it'd be my favourite!

3.)Favourite scent
It really depends on the season: In the winter, I like the smell of cinnamon and peppermints because it reminds me of Christmas. Spring, I like the smell of rain and freshly cut grass. Summer, I like tropical smells like coconut, mango, and the smell of the beach, and in autumn I like smelling wood fires and marshmallows.

4.)Favourite candy
Like my favourite colours, I don't really have a favourite candy. If it's sweet and makes me smile (which most candy does), then I'll love it. However, I do have a favourite Lollipop: Pomegranate Tootsie Pops*.

5.)Favourite drink
I actually like to mix my drinks! No, I don't mean cocktails, but sometimes I drink Tropical Punch Kool Aid* with Mountain Dew* mixed in, but if I don't have and mixable beverages, I'll mainly drink juices and water.

6.)Favourite food
I like all kinds of foods, but I do like trying new foods! And cooking with my sister^^ Hi Kat, if you're reading this!

7.)Favourite fruit
Strawberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nom Nom Nom!

8.)Favourite Restaurant
All you can eat Chinese Buffets. 'Nuff said.

9.)Favourite Animal
I like all animals, even the slimy, slithery ones! I keep telling my mom that I want an iguana so I can name it Steve, but she keeps telling me no...

10.)Favourite book/author
So far, my favourite books are The amazing Book is Not on Fire* by AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire, Binge* by Tyler Oakley, and This Book Loves You* by PewDiePie. I just recently bought all three of them, but they are already my favourites. Stay sweet you four!^^

So there we go! No moral for today, sorry, but I'll try and think of a moral for my next blurb...

Anyways, tell me what your favourite books are and I'll check them out! And if you're into reading hilarious, random, but still very awesome books, I highly recommend the three books listed above!

Stay sweet everyone!

*Note: No one is paying me to say this stuff.

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