Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Job!

So if any of you follow my Instagram (@cutecoffeeandmarzipan, follow me if you so wish^^), you'll see that I had a short interview with a social media reporter named MarzelenAlyse* (which was a really awesome experience and I would love to do it again :P), and I said:
"There are a few changes about to happen in my life, but I haven't forgotten about my readers..."
So if anyone is now wondering what this not-so-drastic change is in my life, it is something so life altering and internet-breaking that there is no possible way for me to contain it:

I will be getting a job at Kmart soon.

Now for anyone who doesn't know what the heck Kmart is, it's pretty much a retail store that was founded by Sears during the Depression so that families could still afford food and clothes and all that jazz. It will probably be the worst job ever, but...well..ugh. Well, there's no other way for me to tell you except this picture I posted to my Facebook:
So there you go. It's not that I don't like kids, I'm just burned out and desire a conversation that isn't about the newest Nickelodeon shows (because First season Spongebob will always be the best).

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: yes, I will soon be getting a job at Kmart. Now, this shouldn't interfere with my blog posting because I will have to work my brother's schedule since I refuse to drive(that's an entirely different blurb for an entirely different time). I'm not totally excited...but hey! That leads us to...

The moral of the story, which  is:

Your first or second job is more than likely always gonna be pretty crappy. No one ever said that retail or fast food would be a fun job that everyone always wanted to spend the rest of their life doing. But chin up! Find something you're good at, get better, maybe take some classes in it, and GO!!

Stay sweet everyone!

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