Friday, October 9, 2015

The Talent!

These titles are really eccentric...

Anyways, does anyone ever ask you "Do you have any special talents or skills?" because if not, then they will and you can't just shrug and say "Well, I'm really good at scrolling through Tumblr and liking the posts that only deal with feminism and other social injustices." (If you're one of the feminists from Tumblr, then I know what you're thinking and please wait until you read the whole blurb before you hate me...)I used to have this problem, but...well, there's no other way to explain this than with a story:

For the longest time, it seemed like everyone wanted to know my special talents, and for the longest time I always did the same thing and told them the same story: "I don't really have any." Now for those who know me, I hate it when people ask me the same question over and over again, so what did Pan do? That's right: I began practicing things I liked to do, mainly writing. So for the span of like, five years I read more books, I looked up tips for writing, and I kept a journal where I noted all of my thoughts and any ideas for stories.

I didn't write my first "story" until 11th grade. I was in English class during Halloween, and the assignment was to pick a topic which theme had to be a certain vocabulary word. So naturally, people were writing one or two paragraphs, maybe a page and a half, but no. Not me.
I, along with my friend JD*, had written three chapters, complete with fully developed characters (Anna and Jonathon are my everything) and an entire plot (Jonathon will save his beautiful bride from the evils of his ancestors yet!). It earned me probably the highest marks I've ever been proud to get because my teacher actually nominated me for the National Yearbook award, in which I was the only one in West Virginia to receive that honour.

So the moral is this:
If you don't know what your talents are, don't freak out! Just take something you love (singing, dancing, writing, painting, whatever!), and just improve on it, and then when people ask you "Do you have any special talents or skills?", you can answer them with a smile and proudly say "As a matter of fact, I like to think I'm pretty good at _______, and I'm getting better everyday!"

Stay sweet everyone!

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