Saturday, November 21, 2015

Question Corner with Marzipan!

So I'm not gonna lie to you guys... I forgot about Question Corner Yesterday.
And that's why we're doing it now! Yep, it's time for...
Okay, so QCwM doesn't really have an official anything but a day yet, but I'm working on it! Let's just..get on with the question...

Here's something outside the normal questions you've been getting:What's your thought on "arts" being taken out of schools? By arts I mean things like Home Economics, Art Class, Choir, Band, Drama and even things like Shop Class. Looking back on the generations that had these classes available for students we seem to find a better rounded individual than what we're seeing pop out of High School today. Your thoughts? 

So if you guys didn't know by now, I was a theatre kid, I did dance, and sang in my church children's choir until middle school, and I will occasionally go back to help with any of their productions (I'm even the role of a teacher in this year's Christmas musical!).

So, my input on this is pretty simple: you can't expect these kids to learn if they don't have a creative output...

Art is expression. Theatre allows kids and adults alike to forget the junk of this world and freely express themselves in an amazing and creative way and they don't even have to feel guilty about it because no one can judge you (period. end of sentence) based on a character. But seriously, no one should be judging you period.

Now, my opinion on Shop and Home Ec: by the time you get into high school, the "shop" you go to is called Vocational School, where you can take classes like Masonry, Welding, Electrical Technology to name a few. However, just because you aren't in high school doesn't mean if you have a shop class in middle school that you shouldn't be paying attention (kids, always do your homework, never slack off, and don't drop out just because you hate going to school), in fact you really start to find what you're passionate about in about seventh grade, so take every chance you get.

So, the answer to the question is:
I think that classes like Home Ec and Shop and the Arts are very important to everyone, whether you realize it or not. It's a stress release, it allows freedom of self, and you learn a lot in these classes whether you realize it or not, and honestly (and I'm not saying this just because I am a theatre kid), I think the bulk of our society as we know it relies on classes like these. They're vital!

So that was interesting to answer! Thanks for crochet 2002 for leaving an interesting comment and remember to leave a question below for me to answer next time!

Stay sweet everyone!

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