Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Deals! A Thanksgiving Analysis

Hey guys so I've been noticing a recurring theme in these passed few years...Black Friday seems to be starting earlier and earlier every year. Now for those who aren't quite sure what I'm talking about, Black Friday is basically the one day of the year where many stores across this "Great" Nation mark their items down insanely low. I'm talking you could get a 60" TV that was originally $1099.99 for $697.99. Now, let's do a bit of math...

The original price of the TV was $1099.99. I don't like working with decimals (ironic, because we're doing sales tax)so we'll say the TV is $1100.00. Now in case you don't know about sales tax because your home state doesn't have a crumbling economy, sales tax fluctuates depending on municipalities, meaning sales tax is different depending on where you are, in my case sales tax is 6%, so six cents for every dollar. So let's do $1100.00*0.06, which is 66, so 1100.00 + 66.00 is 1166.00. The original price of the TV with sales tax would have been 1166.00, which is money you could put in a college fund or pay a house off with.

 Shift gears to the marked down price.

The marked down price of the TV is $697.00 (AKA a car payment). After tax, that would be $738.82. So you save somewhere in the $430 range, which you guessed it, is a payment.

Bet you didn't think you'd be doing math today, huh?

So to get back on topic, the reason I'm so bloody angry bittersweet about this is because retail stores have seemingly forgotten that the reason many white collar jobs (doctors, lawyers, etc) get Thursday and Friday off (along with their weekend) is to spend quality time with their friends and family and be thankful for all that they have.

Retail stores seem to forget that their employees are HUMAN and need things like rest and food. But nope, these poor lower and middle class citizens have to go into work before the SUN on Thanksgiving and work until the moon rises. THE NEXT DAY. Now I wouldn't have a problem with this if they kept in mind that there is a mother who is desperate to spend time with her overworked and underpayed son, or there is a child wondering why mummy is at work all day and she has to spend Thanksgiving with her babysitter eating a fried turkey and watching reruns of The Proud Family...

So the moral of the day is this:
Be thankful for what you have rather than seek out what isn't needed. Material things like Televisions and game consoles are nice, but they will never bring you the happiness that spending time with your family will. Retail shops will be open next week, and please for goodness sakes, give these employees a break if you're a Black Friday shopper. These people deal with enough junk on a normal day and don't need the added stress of a soccer mom screaming at them because their humongo shopping bloodlust caused their register to lock.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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