Friday, November 13, 2015

The Question 2!

Hey everyone! So I figured as long as people keep asking me questions, I'd make Friday's post an answer to a question! We'll need a catchy name for it...

Well, that's about as far as my artistic abilities will take me. You know while we're at it, why don't we have a special everything for this? *transition!*

Nice italicized font! Well, this is as good as it's gonna get because we still have the matter of the question, which comes from one cheshirekat062191, and she asks a rather deep but good question:

Do other cultures begrudge different races as badly as Americans tend to do? Or is the typical American bigotry a direct result of a diversified culture?
This is a really good question and one that [not] surprisingly gets glossed over in everyday life.

Sidenote: I do know that there are some people not living in America that read this blog (hello Russia!), so feel free to read if you want if you want my take on American living. Also, feel free to ask me some Q's about life in the States if you want! ^^
So here we go! Strap yourselves in because Pan's about to drop some Sociology on you!

Most American's have heard that this nation is a "melting pot". Now, the sociological definition of 'melting pot' is: 

A pluralistic society in which people who originally come from different societies blend together to form a new society. 

To put this in simple terms, a melting pot is when people from different societies live together and create a new society.

Now, most sociologists actually refer to America as more of a 'tossed salad' than a melting pot. Let's look at a yummy salad real quick:
So if you look at this heanenly plate of health, you'll see lettuce, peppers, tomato, and radish. They aren't melting together (example: the tomatoes and peppers are staying separate, there is no tomper fusion), and this is how sociologists see America: There are many cultures and society who happen to keep to themselves and live in the same bowl, but they don't fuse.

Now to get back to the question: many of you now know that I'm a raging Xenophile, which is totally fine, but there are people who are the complete opposite of people like me, and they are called Xenophobic. Let's break this word down:

                           ξένος (xenos)           φόβος (phobos)
                       Strange, foreign                  Fear

So to put it simply, yes Americans are xenophobic. If I had to guess why, it's probably because they're so used to seeing people that are like them, and whenever they see something out of their norm it freaks them out. But America isn't the only country like this, many Asian cultures are likely to stare at people who are thick and have dark skin because they're used to seeing slim people with pale skin.

Well, that was fun! Be sure to keep he questions coming and next I'll see you guys next week!

Stay sweet everyone!

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  1. Here's something outside the normal questions you've been getting:
    What's your thought on "arts" being taken out of schools? By arts I mean things like Home Economics, Art Class, Choir, Band, Drama and even things like Shop Class. Looking back on the generations that had these classes available for students we seem to find a better rounded individual than what we're seeing pop out of High School today. Your thoughts?