Friday, December 11, 2015

Question Corner with Marzipan!

You know, I think Friday is starting to become my favourite blog day...

So today's question actually comes from a little girl that I help teach on Sundays. She asked:

"Why do people do drugs and hurt people?"

Now this question is an interesting one in the sense that I had an abusive father. My mother swears I was too young to remember anything, but I do have some vivid memories of the police at our door at 3 in the morning. But we aren't here for my story, that's an entirely different topic for an entirely different day!

Let's look at what the National Institute on Drug Abuse says real quick:
Information courtesy of the National Institute on Drug Abuse(

Now if this is confusing to someone, all this is saying is that drug abuse affects you on the neurological level. I don't want to speak for the entire U.S, but...

For those living in Southern West Virginia, we all know that opiates and heroin are a major problem here. So opiates are an interesting drug in the way that they affect your brain, and since that's an area of science that I'm not well-versed in, you can read all about it here.

Domestic abuse is a far different story, at least for me. The short of it really boils down to [mainly] three different things:
A.) The abuser was abused as a child.
B.)The abuser has misguided rage.
C.)The abuser had a traumatic experience as a child.

Now there may be more reasons, but I am not a sociologist, therapist, officer, CPS Agent, or anything like that. So please contact your local CPS offices or police stations if you have any other questions concerning that matter.

So, before I go any further with this, I just want to say - I am fully aware that abuse runs both ways. Men can abuse men, women can abuse women, men can abuse women and women can abuse men. Have you ever been hit by a woman? Not fun...

Anyways, if you're still confused about why people may abuse, it kinda goes back to the question that someone asked me about letting kids play violent video games - children are like sponges and do not discriminate against right and wrong until the parent teaches them so, but even then there is no guarantee that something traumatic will happen and mum and dad aren't there. Sorry, but that's the cruel reality...

Well, that was definitely a question that maybe some of you wanted to ask but didn't feel comfortable in doing so, but never fear, Pan is always here to help as best she can! Leave me a comment, a question, maybe share this with your friends, and I'll see you guys for a very special Tumblr Tuesday!

Stay sweet everyone!

Disclaimer: If you or someone you love is a victim of domestic violence or is struggling with an addiction, you can visit this website for free help. All the information is there for you and it is free of charge.♥

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