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Question Corner with Marzipan!

I like this series! I hope I can do it for a long time! It's time for

Alrighty, this question comes from another little girl I help teach on Sundays, and she asks:

"Why do people fake things to get money or anything that's great?"

Alright, since I don't really know what exactly she's talking about, I'm going to use an example that I think everyone in the States can relate to: This wonderful thing we all know and love, at least we have to love it because we pay for it with taxes every year. Yep! The Welfare Program.

For those of you little cupcakes who don't know what welfare is, welfare is something you can apply for so that the government will give you an x amount of money to sustain you and your family. However, there are numerous factors that play into your eligibility for welfare, including your gross ( all income before tax) and net income (all income after tax), the size of your family, and your crisis situation which could be pregnancy, homelessness or unemployment, but the one thing people "claim" is medical emergency. Let's set up an example.

Uncle Joe works for the coal mines and has since he was 17, I'm talking good ol' Unc has really made a life out of it and he's well into his late 40s now and he's not looking to retire at all. Well, one day while Joe's mining, he hears a loud screeching and a mess of sparks and a mine cart derails and crashes into a support post and sends a big steel beam wobbling down over his friend Allen. Now Joe and Allen go way back, and he's not ready to lose his friend, so being the good man he is, he grabs his friend and pushes him out of the way in time and has his leg completely crushed by this support beam. After many hours of cutting this thing off dear Uncle Joe's leg, they rush him to the hospital and they have to amputate, there's no way to save his leg, so Joe now has no way of having a job and is forced to retire early, but oh no! Uncle Joe has a wife and a son and a baby girl on the way! So he goes to his local Human Resource Department and says "I just got laid off of work, I lost my leg in the coal mines, and my wife is pregnant with a baby girl and my son's only in the fourth grade." So he gets a check and is able to buy food and make bill payments and his wife gets a job after little Susie is born and most everything goes back to normal.

That is a crisis that requires welfare. Now, for the other side:

Mason works at World Mart and is lifting a heavy box when he slips and falls and hurts his knee, so he gets in contact with his manager and files an accident report and goes to the hospital and sure enough, he's got a torn ACL and a broken kneecap, so he's out of work and gets surgery done, but that knee causes him so much pain that the doctor has to prescribe him Oxycodone (Oxycontin). Well, Mason finds out that this medicine gives him a pretty good high, so now he's constantly calling into work to say "I can't work today, my knee's still bothering me". Now this works for the first week or so after his surgery, but then he's forgotten he has to make payments on his house and car and pretty soon, the bank takes both of them back, and on top of that, he's run out of refills, so Mason calls his local Human Resources Department and tells them "I have a bad knee and can't work, there's only one of me in my family and the bank just took my house and car." So now Mason is on welfare, and instead of using this money to get another house or car, he's going to the doctor and claiming intense pain, but the doctor doesn't prescribe him his fix and now Mason has to find a substitute. As he's "limping" along the pavement he sees a guy who says he can hook him up with something even better and gives Mason a small baggie of this pale brown powder, and tells him to take a spoon and a lighter and heat it up, suck it up into a needle, and it works "just as good as oxy". You can guess what happens then.

So let's evaluate these: Uncle Joe states that he's an amputee, his wife is pregnant, and has a child under the age of 18. Mason starts out that he has an injury, but over time becomes dependent on drugs and turns to lying and illegal substance abuse for sustenance.

That's what happens in a lot of cases. I'm not saying that everyone who is on welfare is a drug user or turns into a drug user; some of these people really can't work and do need a little bit of help from Uncle Sam, but there are people out who, to avoid working again and to fuel an addiction, will fake injuries so they don't have to work and essentially lie to the government to get money. Now welfare fraud is an actual crime and is punishable by law, how so depends on the state. Depending on how much you steal, you can be looking at a charge of felony larceny, aka grand theft, which can be labeled as a felony charge.

But as I said before, not everyone is a criminal; some of these people really do need help from the government. If you're a single mom of three kids and you're struggling to pay for bills and food, then chances are you need welfare. If you're a retired vet who has no family and developing arthritis and you have to choose between lighting and heating over bread and soup, chances are you need welfare. There are some people who really do need help.

Well, I think that pretty much sums up my point. Please remember: these are opinions. These are things people want my opinion on, and it's okay to ask for someone's opinion as it doesn't have to influence yours. And the people mentioned in the examples are just random names with random scenarios - any type of similarity is purely coincidental, so please don't hate me.

Stay sweet everyone!

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