Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Change!

So in case anyone couldn't tell, the blog changes colour and theme depending on the season. Since it's December now, I figured I'd update to fit the Christmas spirit (you know, the one people get on November 1, 12:00 AM)!

Anyway, I bet you're wondering why you're seeing a blog post today!
"But Pan, it isn't Thursday!"
Well, I got some stuff to take care of this weekend, so I may not be able to post, but that's beside the point! The point is (and the reason for the blog title) is because I decided that two posts a week at the END of the week was kind of...uh, weak..
So I've decided this. Take note, dear sweeties, because I'm about to drop a schedule on you!

Tuesdays and Thursdays around 3:00 pm EST will be blurb days. I figured that we might as well have two blurb days so I can talk to you guys about my weekend as well as my week! Now don't worry, QCwM (if you haven't caught on that stands for Question Corner with Marzipan. I find that typing it out is really tedious...) will still be on Fridays, and I've decided that instead of answering one question every week, I'll answer two or even three, that way you don't read it all in one sitting and can come back to it if you so wish. 

So! Leave me comments, leave me questions, I read everything! 

Stay sweet everyone!

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  1. What's your thought on hand-made gifts vs store bought gifts? And is money or gift cards really a "not thought through" gift?