Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Choice!

Hey guys! I'm not gonna procrastinate on this one...

So when I was in Florida with my mother a few years back, I was spending time with my grandmother and great aunt, and my (I think she was about) three year-old cousin was there. So my great aunt is playing with her and she says something funny and my GA looks at me and says "You need to have a dozen of these".

First of all, I know it's just an exaggeration and hopefully she doesn't really want me to have twelve kids because that would be very hard on my body. 

Secondly, I've decided a long time ago that I don't want my own kids. That's not me saying I don't ever want kids, I love the idea of having children, I just don't want to be pregnant with my own children. Before you call me heartless, there are millions of children around the world who don't have parents. To me, it seems like a smarter solution to adopt than to have my own for many reasons:

A.) I don't feel like my body could support a child.
B.) My mother had complications with all of her deliveries (true fact: I am actually her miracle child).
C.) With millions of children who don't have parents, it seems kind of wrong to see them suffering and not having a mum or dad to spend Christmas or thanksgiving, or even their birthday with, so if I can give that opportunity to three kids, then I know it'd be worth it.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Oh, she wants to adopt three kids!" and you're correct. The three kids I want to adopt are two boys, preferably brothers (I don't want to tear them away from the only family they have left) and a little girl. I also want my sons to be older than my daughter so she's got someone to look out for her in school and such. Also (I'm pretty much rambling at this point..), I'm not going to be the parent that wants to live vicariously through my children's success because I have achieved nothing and want them to be prodigies. If my daughter is into sports, I'll buy her a mouth guard. If one of my boys likes painting then I'll play him some Bob Ross videos. If my other boy likes to get on stage and joins theater, then we'll work on lines every night until he learns them. This leads me into my moral:

No matter what your child is into, be it a stereotypical gender role or one that breaks society of its cultural norm, it's always important for kids to have a voice saying "You can do it!" Even if it's only yours, a child will be so happy that you believe in them.

Stay sweet everyone!

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