Thursday, December 24, 2015

The "Job"!

You ever get mad when you put the exact same stuff on an application as you sibling and they decline you because you don't fit some kind of mold? Same! (I'm looking at you, Sears Holding...)

Anyways, I tried to get a job. I applied for three different positions and everything and I have never been more persistent in my life. But nope. No tax-deducting job yet... which is stressful since I want to go to college next year. So if there is anyone who needs a cleaner, sitter, or filer - hi!

So since I can't find an actual tax-deducting job yet, I have decided to throw my body to the medical field and donate plasma! I understand that there are needles involved and the process that goes into it. If any of you don't understand the process, let me break it down for you:

In order for you to donate plasma, you simply go to your local Red Cross Centre and talk to the nice person behind the desk and they put you through an evaluation, and after the evaluation you sit in a comfy chair and they put a needle in your vein. That needle takes your blood and puts it in a machine and the machine separates plasma from everything else that's in your blood, then they mix you blood with a saline solution and put it back in you!

Of course you may feel dizzy and cold (normal body temperature is 98.6, so you can imagine injecting a room temperature liquid into your veins may be "slightly" cold), but in a few hours time, you'd be golden!

Obviously, there are some benefits to this: you get paid, sure, but to me the real benefit is to help someone who needs it. If I can help someone live another good few years or even a few months, it would be totally worth the pain of needles and the dizziness.

I'm not going to tell you guys to donate plasma and blood all the time, but I will leave you this advice:

If you can, try to help someone who needs it, and it doesn't have to be by donating bodily fluids: volunteering just an hour of your time can be a huge help for a lot of people, or donating clothes or food can really be a tremendous help.

Stay sweet everyone!

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