Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Right!

Hey guys! Today's blurb is gonna be kinda short since it's really late and I'm exhausted. I'll make up for it tomorrow, I swear!

So earlier this week, and I won't name any names, but I am now the aunt of two baby boys! So it got me wondering about public breast feeding.

First of all I would like to say: if you are a new mother and your child needs to be breast fed, do not feel like you have to go to a family restroom or the women's handicap stall to do so. Your body is your own and if someone finds the aspect of public beast feeding erotic, uncomfortable, or generally inappropriate, then it's them who needs to leave.

Now, I understand that there are some states and towns that look down upon this natural and beautiful part of life, but not every state says that you have to keep it private, they simply give you the option. That's why even in states where it's perfectly legal, you still see family restrooms.

Stay sweet everyone!

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