Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tumblr Tuesday - The Urge!

Hey guys, I have a killer headache and looking at a bright red font on a bright white background isn't helping, but it's Tumblr Tuesday, so yeah! Let's go!

So the post I want to describe today is:

So I totally get where this person is coming, I've had several restless nights where I just wanted to put on some shoes and go out walking until  I got sleepy, either just around my neighbourhood or to a local corporate store (it rhymes with SmallMart..), but there are some reasons as to why I don't go randomly walking in the middle of the night:

-There are drug dealers living down the road from me (at least I think they're still living there. I hope not!)
-I live in a neighbourhood with old crazy people (sorry old people, but some of you are just bonkers!)
-I don't want to go to jail for suspiciously walking around my house.
-It's cold out.

So with all these reasons, you can see my predicament. Still, even though I don't want to go out while it's cold and I don't want to be arrested and my kooky neighbours creep me out, it's still a Tumblr post that gives me a giggle!

However, I don't really need to worry about it to much, as I have...

That's right: icicles and faerie lights! I've always had this fascination with lights, especially Christmas lights, so I look at them and listen to my fan/heater until I'm sleepy, then I turn them off and close my eyes and count to five hundred and BAM! I'm asleep. ^^ 

So this post was kind of all over the place and I wish I could make it longer, but my brain feels like it's leaking out of my ear...

Stay sweet everyone!

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