Friday, January 22, 2016

The Return!(Sort of...)

Hello everyone! I know, I've been away for I don't even know how long anymore, but please let me explain before you abandon me...

Basically: there will be nothing interesting happening in my life until about May. That being said, my blurbs have mainly been about things going on in my life, questions you guys ask me, and what absolutely hilarious yet cringe-worthy text post I find while scrolling on Tumblr at midnight. Anyways, I basically's more of...
I'm not an interesting person during the winter, okay please don't hate me - especially because I have a solution for this!

Tell me things you'd want to see posted. They can be anything and everything (as I'd like to think I'm a lifestyle blogger). In case you're confused as to what I'm saying, you can ask me to post about ANYTHING and I will try my best to post about it. It could be advice, design, a story about me, cooking - you can even ask for a video and I will do my best to record whatever you want me to.

That being said, I don't think there will just be three or four days that I post a blog, and instead it'll be everyday or every few days depending on what you guys want to see. This blog went from being centred around coming-of-age teens who might not know what young adulthood is all about to being whatever you guys want to see. Weird I know but hey, life is about seeing those around you happy and not about telling the internet unnecessarily long stories from my childhood that people can use to stalk me. *unintentional deep moment* 

Anyways, leave comments asking for content, anything and everything within moderation will be accepted and I hope to hear read from you guys soon!

Stay sweet everyone!

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