Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Spring Outfits!

Hello everyone! So I got a request to make spring outfits, so... *here we go!*

The first one is a sort of formal, cute, smart outfit:

DressAudrey Hepburn Style Polka Dot Printed Dress Retro 50s Sleeveless Swing Vintage Inspired Party Midi Dress - $32 at

ShoesBordello Black White Gothic Burlesque Platform Shoes - £64.95 at

Bag: La Cartella Handbag - $266 at

*hair and jewelry to your liking*

I also made an outfit that's more casual and more for going out on the town, a lunch date, or just shopping!

Shirt: Tru Trussardi Shirt - $160 at
Shorts: Marc Jacobs White Twill Shorts - $850 at
Shoes: Tod's Printed Calf Hair Brogues - $305 at
Bag: Rebecca&Rifka Mint Quilted Satchel - $35 at
Glasses: Heart Sunglasses - $18 at
*hair, watch, and nails to your liking*

So there you go! A nice spring outfit for more formal things, and a casual spring outfit for more laid-back outings!

Stay sweet everyone!

*note: many of these things can be found elsewhere for cheaper. Outfits made with

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Return!(Sort of...)

Hello everyone! I know, I've been away for I don't even know how long anymore, but please let me explain before you abandon me...

Basically: there will be nothing interesting happening in my life until about May. That being said, my blurbs have mainly been about things going on in my life, questions you guys ask me, and what absolutely hilarious yet cringe-worthy text post I find while scrolling on Tumblr at midnight. Anyways, I basically's more of...
I'm not an interesting person during the winter, okay please don't hate me - especially because I have a solution for this!

Tell me things you'd want to see posted. They can be anything and everything (as I'd like to think I'm a lifestyle blogger). In case you're confused as to what I'm saying, you can ask me to post about ANYTHING and I will try my best to post about it. It could be advice, design, a story about me, cooking - you can even ask for a video and I will do my best to record whatever you want me to.

That being said, I don't think there will just be three or four days that I post a blog, and instead it'll be everyday or every few days depending on what you guys want to see. This blog went from being centred around coming-of-age teens who might not know what young adulthood is all about to being whatever you guys want to see. Weird I know but hey, life is about seeing those around you happy and not about telling the internet unnecessarily long stories from my childhood that people can use to stalk me. *unintentional deep moment* 

Anyways, leave comments asking for content, anything and everything within moderation will be accepted and I hope to hear read from you guys soon!

Stay sweet everyone!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Future!

So I'm not gonna lie to you guys...I didn't really do much this week.
But what I did do this week was a lot of thinking, specifically where I want to take this madness that I spend my weekends doing. So, here are three things that can be expected:

Not a ton more vlogs, but I do want to do at least one vlog a week posted on my Facebook page. I would post these on YouTube, but that's an entirely different blurb for an entirely different day!

Life Updates
I realize that this lifestyle blog (yes, this is a lifestyle blog) hasn't been about much lifestyle lately, but that will change in a few month's time - there will be a lot of changes in my house in the coming months and I'll try my best to keep you guys up to speed on everything (because my life is so interesting...)

Question Corner with Marzipan
This is something I want to keep going, and there will be a video I'll put on Facebook probably tomorrow or Saturday answering a question my mum asked me the other day, but I just don't have anymore questions to answer, so all I can do is remain hopeful!

Something I think you guys should know is that even if most content in the future ends up being vlogs, if there are things I don't want to speak of and instead write about (which sidenote just gave me another blog idea), I'll do that.

Stay sweet everyone!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How far - Tumblr Tuesday!

Hey guys, so I have a bit of a headache, and all I want to do is lay in bed and write in my journal until I fall asleep and it's even kinda hard to type, but I'm gonna get back on my schedule with Tumblr Tuesday, which features this post!

And it got me thinking: why do people make such a big deal about how far you've gone with the opposite sex? Does it matter? I realize that not everyone is obsessed with my sex life, but still; isn't that something that should stay private? So many questions!
Why do they want to know?
Why are they so persistent about it?
Are they a doctor and care about my health?
Are you an angel that's going to tell me that I'm going to give birth to the second coming of Christ and the only way for that to happen is to abstain from sex?

Last one got kinda deep, so I'm just gonna go and sleep..

Stay sweet everyone!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Ten Facts About Me!

Hey guys! So considering that I've a bit of a crisis going on with QCwM which you can all read about on my Facebook page if you want (why not click that like button too..^^), so instead of answering a question why not tell you guys about the ten facts I listed about myself in The Introduction! 

*here we go!*

1.) I have had only one true love interest since I started high school.
Not even joking, I had only one true crush. They don't live in the same state as me, but we do still talk and he was very happy of  my graduating.2.)I get uncomfortable with too much unwanted attention.
I don't aspire to be someone who is well known, I just hope that younger generations who read this or inexperienced young adults can learn from my mistakes. And as I sit gasping from choking on an apple, I hope that will teach you to eat slowly and chew thoroughly because nothing hurts worse than an whole chunk of apple being stuck in your throat.3.) I am currently learning Korean and brushing up on my Japanese.
I have friends who live in other countries, and this goes back to being a xenophile and I also just love to learn. Oh! I have another blog post to make about this probably on Thursday!4.)My dream house is a flat in Central London with my friend.
This is the same friend that got me the hoodie with a picture from my Instagram on it and I can't wait to show you guys!5.) A lot of people think I'm from another country because I have an accent. I was born in the States, but since I speak two different languages, I sound foreign.
 This goes back to my 'speaking different languages thing' - for some reason it changed the way I sound (Note: You can't hear it in my videos or irl because I make a mental effort to sound American)6.) My favourite thing to do is sit in my bed and watch YouTubers like Markiplier or AmazingPhil/danisnotonfire.
There are others that I love to watch like Tyler Oakley, Louise Pentland, and Daz_Games to name a few.7.) I'm a bit of an introvert.
My mum says I'm a situational introvert, but the way I describe it is this: I can do  about two hours of social interaction before I need to be by myself for about six hours. Not really good for making friends, but I have tons online, and online friends are still friends!8.) I can say my ABCs backwards in less than two seconds.
Because in the American South, if there was one thing we took seriously when I was a kid it was how well you knew your ZYXs.9.) My dream job is to work at some kind of radio station or to have my own podcast.
Kids, your dream job will fluctuate multiple times before you make a set-in-stone decision. I still want to have a podcast one day, but I also (mainly) want to be a journalist.10.) I want to go to school for either social media or psychology.
I want a major in Broadcast journalism and focus most of that into either social media (such as YouTube) or radio.

And that's all she wrote (Quite literally!) - I don't lead a very exciting life, but I can definitely say for sure I'm excited for the future! Well, that's all from me, I will see you guys on Tuesday for what may be the first QCwM vlog! Whoa whoa Waffles that's exciting!

Stay sweet everyone!